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Enhance Your Decision-Making Skills with Morning Exercise Sessions

Credit: Warrior Fitness

Get the Early Start and Boost Your Thinking Abilities

Rising in the morning can be quite a challenge, but engaging in a workout right after a restful night can be a game-changer. Recent research suggests that energizing your body early in the day can lead to more effective decision-making and cognitive improvements.

A study conducted at the University of Western Australia indicates that engaging in 30 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise in the early hours can significantly enhance your cognitive functions, setting the stage for a day filled with better choices.

According to the researchers, “Inactive behavior is linked to reduced cognition, whereas physical activity can promptly enhance cognitive abilities.” By observing a group of individuals aged between 55-80 years, the study discovered that incorporating morning workout routines with light-intensity walking breaks every 30 minutes during an 8-hour day can boost short-term working memory and executive function.

In comparing participants who did not exercise, the study revealed that those with poor working memory and executive function scores had longer stretches of uninterrupted sitting time.

Michael Wheeler from the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute emphasizes that older adults are likely to experience the greatest benefits from morning exercises, leading to a more “productive and fulfilling quality of life.”

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