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Enhance Your Mobility Routine to Alleviate Stiff Hips and Shoulders

Dealing with tight hips, shoulder tension, or lower back discomfort calls for a dedicated mobility workout that focuses on deliberate, gradual movements aimed at improving flexibility and range of motion in your joints. In the current Trainer of the Month feature, Nike Trainer Tara Nicolas leads a session designed precisely for these purposes. Using just a yoga mat and an optional block, Nicolas guides you through a set of exercises to gently transition your body into deeper, fluid stretches.

Improving mobility requires attention to both flexibility and muscle strength in the areas surrounding your joints, such as the neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips. Nicolas initiates the session with basic shoulder rotations to activate your upper arm joints. Progressing downwards, you’ll engage your arm muscles, including the wrists and fingers, and gradually stretch the neck with controlled head movements that release tension in the shoulders and arms.

Transitioning to a sequence of lateral lunges helps to release tightness in the hips, a common issue from prolonged sitting. The workout concludes with seated hip exercises and a supported cooldown while lying down, focusing on mindful breathing to show gratitude to your body for its efforts.

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