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Enhance Your Oatmeal With Nutritious Additions

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Because breakfast calls for some excitement.

Oatmeal can be monotonous. I’m not here to criticize oatmeal enthusiasts; if you enjoy it, that’s great, as it is indeed a nutritious option for a well-rounded breakfast (as long as it’s minimally processed). But when there are so many other flavorful breakfast choices available, must you stick to bland oats and water? Apologies, but my breakfast preferences lean towards a more intriguing experience than mushy oatmeal and water. Oatmeal should merely serve as the foundation of breakfast; here are some suggestions for the second part.

One great addition is fresh produce. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, or whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand. If it’s fresh, toss it in without hesitation. Opting for vegetables? Pumpkin tops the list. Blend in some natural pumpkin puree for a delightful, fall-inspired breakfast that’s rich in fiber and vitamin A. If fruits are more your style, consider adding raspberries. Similar to pumpkin, they provide extra fiber, along with vitamin C and a touch of protein.

Breakfast should cover all food groups, including savory options. If you’re open to meat, try topping your oatmeal with a fried egg for a substantial protein boost and healthy fats. Adding an egg also helps keep you satiated and energized for longer. If meat isn’t your thing, experiment with avocado! Avocado offers the same satiety and healthy fats as eggs, along with additional fiber.

Credit: Eating Bird Food

If you have a sweet tooth and must add something sugary to your oatmeal (completely understandable), go for natural options. While slightly higher in carbs and sugar, bananas are packed with potassium and, yes, fiber. Slice one up and mix it in. Opting for organic peanut butter is a smart move, offering healthy protein and the desired sweetness, while also adding more substance to your oatmeal.

In conclusion, while plain oatmeal is a valid choice on its own, incorporating toppings not only enhances the flavor but also introduces additional nutrients that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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