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Enhancing Shoulder Strength through Planking

Credit: Unsplash
Combat shoulder discomfort by strengthening shoulder muscles.

It might be assumed that the movement of arms relies solely on the arm muscles, correct? Well, not entirely. While finer movements like those in hands or elbows are indeed due to the arm muscles, the actual motion of the entire arm is centered in the shoulders. This is why persistent shoulder discomfort can pose a significant challenge. Picture having to manually reposition your entire body just to adjust your arm for grabbing a glass. That’s akin to navigating life without engaging your shoulders.

To ward off shoulder discomfort and alleviate existing issues, engaging in exercises that target the upper body and shoulder muscles is crucial. While dumbbells and bench presses are commonly favored, there’s a superior alternative: planking. Disregard the outdated internet trend; the plank exercise is what we’re talking about. The traditional plank, where you prop yourself up on your toes and elbows while raising your midsection off the ground, not only strengthens the core but also engages the shoulder muscles. A stronger core leads to improved posture, reducing the likelihood of shoulder pain due to slouching.

Credit: Unsplash

It’s important to understand that while exercise can help ease intermittent shoulder discomfort, it is ineffective for persistent pain. If your shoulder is consistently painful, no amount of exercise will resolve the issue. It’s advisable to consult a physician to identify the root cause of the pain, as it could indicate a serious condition such as a torn rotator cuff.

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