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Ensure Proper Desk Alignment

Image Credit: Unsplash
Your cervical spine will thank you in the future.

I dedicate considerable time to working on the computer regularly, and I feel my neck doesn’t really appreciate it. I prefer sitting with my legs crossed in my desk chair because my feet tend to get chilly. However, if possible, strive not to emulate my unideal posture. Whether you spend only part of your day or the entire day at your computer, it’s important to ensure optimal desk alignment.

The perfect arrangement involves positioning yourself at an arm’s length from your keyboard, setting your chair height to align with your hips, and ensuring your hands are at or below your elbow level. If you have a high chair, it’s permissible to lean back to give your neck some reprieve, but be cautious not to exert too much pressure on your lower back. Extended periods of sitting are already challenging for your lower back, so increasing pressure there will only exacerbate the situation.

Where possible, it’s advisable to use a robust, adjustable ergonomic chair. Sitting for prolonged hours on a chair borrowed from the kitchen table will likely result in soreness in your spine. Another alternative is a stability ball, provided you can find one that is sufficiently large yet fits well in front of your desk. Balancing on a stability ball while working can help engage your muscles and enhance your stability.

For those with strong legs and ample space, experimenting with a standing desk equipped with a cushioned mat on the floor could prove beneficial. Standing at your desk can alleviate many posture-related issues associated with prolonged sitting, albeit it may strain your legs and feet over time. Standing desks are most suitable for individuals who don’t spend extended periods on the computer.


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