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    Ensure Safety During Exercise in the Summer Heat

    Credit: Gazelle Nutrition Lab
    Adjustments are necessary in high temperatures.

    Summer has arrived, and it’s a perfect opportunity to step out and engage in physical activities (while maintaining social distance from other athletes). Showcase those well-defined abs, flaunt those toned legs. Embrace your physical prowess! However, remember that with the increasing heat and longer days, extra caution is needed. Your usual safety practices during milder weather require additional consideration.

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    First and foremost, ensure you are properly hydrated. Let me emphasize this: hydrate. Going by past summers, this season promises to be particularly hot. While the heat will intensify your workout, it is crucial to stay well-hydrated to avoid heat-related illnesses. Aim to consume at least half a liter of water for every pound lost through sweating. If you sweat profusely, consider replenishing electrolytes by opting for sports drinks like Gatorade or Propel.

    Regarding sweating, prioritize wearing appropriate workout attire. Opt for snug, moisture-wicking fabrics that prevent excess sweat and unnecessary weight gain. Avoid wearing absorbent materials such as cotton that can hinder movement and increase sweating, elevating the risk of heat-related issues. Loose clothing is not ideal for running as it may lead to tripping.

    Credit: iStock

    If feasible, schedule your workout sessions when the sun is not directly overhead. Opt for early mornings, late afternoons, or evenings. Take note of shaded areas nearby for quick breaks. In case of overheating, seek shade immediately. Additionally, remember to apply sunscreen. Despite the desire for a summer tan, sunburns are not worth it.

    As long as you adhere to proper safety measures, this summer promises a fulfilling workout experience.


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