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Essential Tips for Strengthening Your Lower Back through Training

Engaging in resistance training can impact our lower back significantly. When we bear the burden of heavy weights, we often place excessive stress in that area, allowing it to dominate when our muscles become fatigued.

To maintain the well-being of our backs, it’s crucial to first warm up our core (enabling it to function effectively!) and maintain proper posture, as highlighted by corrective exercise expert Tatiana Lampa, the creator of Training with T. By establishing a strong foundation, you can enjoy the advantages of weightlifting while averting injuries. In the most recent installment of Well+Good’s Trainer of the Month Club, Lampa guides us through a 20-minute strength training session filled with advice to ensure every movement is not only secure, but also fruitful.

An exercise that she highly recommends for enhancing strength is bent-over rows. This involves standing, leaning forward, shifting your hips backward, and elevating the weights upwards and backwards by flexing the elbows. Nonetheless, improper form while leaning can easily result in back discomfort. The critical aspect is to preserve the spine’s neutral alignment. “Observe that I’m gazing at the peak of my mat. I’m not tilting my neck, therefore retaining the neutral spine throughout,” Lampa explains.

For all standing strength exercises, Lampa suggests inclining your body slightly more over your toes than usual. This will activate your muscles, leading to an immediate impact, according to Lampa.

To alleviate stress during dead bugs—an abdominal workout that involves extending opposite arm and leg while lying on your back—maintain a stable core and press your spine firmly against the mat. Should there be any lifting motion, rather than extending the leg outward, she advises modifying the movement by gently touching the heel to the floor with a bent knee instead.

The routine progresses with challenging exercises such as squats combined with overhead presses, deadlifts, and pushups. Although these workouts may seem demanding, Lampa offers alternative options to uphold proper posture and safeguard your lower back—and the whole body. Do not hesitate to make adjustments: this will assist you in developing the necessary strength to handle heavier weights and excel in your next workout. Tune into the video to commence.

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