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Establish a Regular Morning Schedule

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Begin the day appropriately, even if you have no specific plans.

I am a creature of routine. To be honest, I firmly believe that my routines have significantly contributed to preserving my sanity during this entire pandemic situation. People often talk about the excitement of experiencing something entirely new each day. While that may be appealing to some, I personally thrive on consistency, and the primary step towards that is adhering to a proper morning schedule.

Upon waking up, whether it is a spontaneous awakening or prompted by your alarm, the initial action you should take is to rise from your bed and engage in some gentle stretching. Ready your body for the day ahead. Following this, provide your body with a quick source of energy; quench your thirst with a tall glass of water and, if needed, indulge in your morning dose of caffeine through coffee or tea. It is advisable to perform this prior to brushing your teeth.

Transitioning to dental care, dedicate enough time to thoroughly clean your teeth with a pristine toothbrush and quality toothpaste. Brush diligently; brushing too lightly will not effectively spread the toothpaste, while excessive pressure may harm your gums. Oral hygiene is crucial, so ensure that every nook and cranny of your mouth receives attention for a minimum of two minutes. Subsequently, floss using either traditional floss or floss picks. Apply gentle pressure to avoid causing any discomfort. Once dental hygiene is addressed, take the time to cleanse your face. Even if a shower is on your agenda, it is essential to cleanse your face thoroughly prior to moving on to other areas. Opting for a cold morning shower, though uncomfortable, can invigorate you and promote blood circulation.

Credit: Unsplash

After completing these tasks, attire yourself and savor a wholesome, nutritious breakfast. Congratulations, you are now prepared to embrace the day! Given the current circumstances, this likely entails settling in at your home workspace, yet prioritizing a healthy routine remains beneficial even when obligations are minimal.

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