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Exercise Your Arms and Core with Russian Push-Ups

Credit: My Gym Products
These aren’t your grandmother’s push-ups.

When it comes to push-ups, the main focus is on the arms. You push your body up and then lower it back down in a controlled manner. It’s a fundamental yet effective exercise. To vary the intensity, you can combine push-ups with other exercises or increase difficulty by attempting one-handed push-ups. However, the fundamental impact remains consistent. If you are looking for something more challenging, a variation of the push-up exists that targets more than just your arms.

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By merging a push-up with a forearm plank, you unlock the challenging Russian push-up workout. In addition to targeting arm and shoulder strength like a conventional push-up, the Russian push-up incorporates fluid and rapid movements engaging nearly all muscles in your core area. It’s like engaging in two distinct workouts simultaneously, leading to amplified results; double the intensity, double the benefits, double the sweat. It’s a real challenge, and here’s an overview on how to perform it:

Credit: Getty Images/mihailomilovanovic

To start, assume a plank position ensuring your shoulders align directly above your wrists. Descend into a push-up while keeping your chest elevated off the floor. It’s crucial to maintain correct push-up form! Next, transition back into a forearm plank, then return to the low push-up position, and finally lift back up into the high plank. Repeat this sequence without pausing.

When executed correctly, the movements should flow smoothly as you lower, shift back, move forward, and raise back up. While it may appear easy when watching someone perform it, a few repetitions of this exercise will have your muscles protesting. It might be wise to reserve this challenging workout for the conclusion of your training session, as it could deplete your energy for other exercises.

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