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Exercises That Will Boost Your Core Strength In Just 20 Minutes

Your core is more than just your abdominal muscles. Spanning from your hips to your ribs and encircling your torso, it acts as the central powerhouse of your body, supporting most of your movements.

“The core encompasses your pelvic floor muscles, obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and multifidus, among others. Strengthening these muscles is crucial for overall stability and performance,” explains Alena Luciani, CSCS, and the mastermind behind Training2xl.

Despite the complexity of the core muscles, dedicating a short amount of time each day can make a significant impact on their strength. Peloton instructor Ally Love emphasizes the effectiveness of brief core workouts, stating, “Even a quick session can yield remarkable results. Your core is your center of power, influencing the efficiency of every movement you make.”

If you’re seeking efficient core workouts that deliver results, here are six routines under 20 minutes that will fulfill your needs. Some of these routines integrate core exercises with other muscle groups, recognizing the interconnectedness of the body within a limited timeframe. Explore the videos below for a diverse range of core workouts.

A 15-Minute Abdominal Routine

Though the core involves more than just the abs, a targeted session focusing on the abs, glutes, and back can be beneficial. Charlee Atkins leads a series of 40-second exercises repeated twice, featuring variations of crunches, sit-ups, and leg lowers.

A 6-Minute Stability Core Workout

Core strength is essential for maintaining bodily stability and control. This six-minute routine introduces six innovative exercises that test both your strength and balance.

A 10-Minute Core Workout to Alleviate Lower Back Discomfort

This workout, particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from low back pain, offers relief through targeted bridge exercises, promoting elongation and strengthening of the back muscles.

An 18-Minute Core Routine for Runners

A strong core is vital for runners to maintain posture and stride efficiency. This workout focuses on strengthening the smaller muscles that support and stabilize runners during their runs.

A 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout Sans Planking

If you dislike planking but still crave an intense core workout, this video is perfect for you. Featuring slow and controlled movements rather than prolonged planks or rapid crunches, it’s a favorite among Well+Good followers.

An 8-Minute Upper Body and Core Workout

This routine combines core and upper back exercises in a seamless flow. By stabilizing your core while performing various limb movements and lifts, you’ll engage your abs, back, and upper body effectively.

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