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Experience Chris Hemsworth’s 9-Minute Training Routine

Image by Steven Chee/Men’s Health
Who would decline a workout routine from the Strong Thor himself?

If you desire to witness some of the most muscular men in the entertainment industry, you do not need to seek further than the Avengers. The actor who portrays Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and naturally, the Strong Thor; all of them make every effort to stay at their peak physical condition as demanded by their roles. Chris Hemsworth, the representation of Thor, is particularly renowned for his exercise abilities. He has even formulated a new 9-minute bodyweight workout, and this time, it’s for a noble cause.

Hemsworth is a patron of Battle Cancer, a charitable foundation that raises funds for aiding cancer patients and advances in research through large-scale fitness events. The initiative is led by Scott Britton, a close companion of Hemsworth, and when Hemsworth was invited to contribute to the cause, he was more than willing. Thus, attempt this brief routine and uphold your well-being for all those who have been affected by cancer.

Image by Centr

The training schedule comprises three main elements: push-ups, squat thrusts, and bodyweight squats. It might appear straightforward on paper, correct? However, the twist lies in the progressive rise in repetitions based on time. Every minute of this 9-minute session is utilized. In the initial three minutes, you perform ten repetitions of all three exercises. The premise is that you complete one set of exercises in less than a minute, rest for the remaining time, and switch to the next. 10 push-ups, pause, 10 squat thrusts, pause, 10 bodyweight squats, pause. That accounts for three minutes. Minutes 3-6 follow the same concept but entail two additional repetitions in each set. 12 reps of each, with shorter breaks. During minutes 6-9, we conclude with 14 reps in each set. By this point, you are likely to have minimal to no rest time, so it’s best to give your all. Strive for your utmost and persevere, all the while remembering the valiant individuals enduring their own struggles.

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