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Experience Snowshoeing for a Winter Fitness Session

Image Credit: Unsplash
March proudly through the wintry landscape.

A conversation with my mother recently revolved around our fitness routines. Residing in the northeast, she currently has ample snow cover, prompting her to seek an engaging activity to enjoy with friends. Consequently, she opted for snowshoeing. This decision not only enabled her to venture outside during the harsh winter days but also provided her with an excellent workout opportunity.

One might mistakenly perceive snowshoeing as mere walking in snow. However, it is far more strenuous than that – akin to a demanding version of walking. A single snowshoe typically weighs at least two pounds. Alongside the thick attire needed, snowshoeing burns an approximate minimum of 500 calories per hour. It constitutes an aerobic workout comparable to swimming or using an elliptical machine, effectively engaging the same muscle groups as a brisk jog. Additionally, it serves as a gentle workout that minimizes strain on the knees and joints, making it a suitable fitness option for seniors seeking to stay fit without excessive physical stress.

Image Credit: Unsplash

When planning a snowshoeing excursion, apart from securing a reliable pair of snowshoes, ensure you wear warm, moisture-wicking attire and socks in multiple layers that can be easily adjusted as needed. For an extended outing, carry refreshing water and nutritious snacks in a lightweight backpack. Snowshoeing can be enjoyed in various locations featuring ample snow cover, whether flat terrains or hilly landscapes. For example, golf courses near your vicinity can serve as ideal snowshoeing spots, often allowing free access to enthusiasts.

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