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Experience the Comfort of a Heavy Blanket for a Better Sleep

Credit: Unsplash
It feels like a warm, snug cuddle.

I am typically what I prefer to describe as an “active sleeper.” I move around frequently, twist into strange postures, unintentionally toss my pillow on the ground, and so on. This habit doesn’t exactly promote a restful night’s sleep, especially when I wake up feeling like a contorted pretzel. This is why I have started using a heavy blanket to anchor me down, and the results have been fantastic.

Heavy blankets often have sturdy compartments sewn into them, which commonly contain some form of heavy filling like sand, foam, or beads. This design ensures that the blanket molds to your body shape and cannot be easily displaced. If you are worried about overheating, most heavy blankets are also crafted with breathable, temperature-regulating fabric so that while they apply pressure, they do not retain your body’s warmth.

Credit: Unsplash

The gentle pressure from a heavy blanket, along with enveloping you in a snug hug, has been proven to be advantageous for both physical and emotional well-being. Research indicates that the mild pressure applied by a heavy blanket is effective in alleviating chronic aches. Additionally, their comforting nature is beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety or depression due to the sense of being embraced.

You can purchase heavy blankets from most large retailers. The branded ones often boast a more robust build, but naturally come at a higher price. Alternatively, you can find a budget-friendly alternative on Amazon, provided you are willing to overlook occasional subpar stitching.

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