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Experience This Intense Pilates Routine for Your Gluteus & Core In Just 15 Minutes

In the most recent release of Good Moves, Pilates expert Brian Spencer from East River Pilates guides spectators through an all-encompassing workout, including some invigorating stretching techniques (as described by Spencer). This 15-minute challenging Pilates session provides gentle warm-up stretches, exercises targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and plenty of motivation. If you seek to engage your abs and glutes, this routine is ideal for you.

The session starts on the mat: No additional gear is required. All you need is your body, loose attire, and a mat. Commence by sitting down and rotating your hips, aligning your knees left and right. Then, you’ll be balancing on your hands and feet with your abdomen upward, reminiscent of the crab-walking activity from your school years.

Subsequently, you delve into the core of the workout, concentrating on activating your core muscles and maintaining proper posture in potentially uncomfortable positions. Eventually, you are guided to elevate yourself into a half-side plank, extending your arm skyward, bringing it down, and repeating the movement. While this may seem intense, don’t fret—Spencer incorporates flowing stretches like downward dog, lunges, and cat-cow poses to transition between various exercises that engage your core and glutes. This provides a much-appreciated respite between workout segments.

Thanks to these interposed stretches, you may not fully grasp the intensity until you’re nearing completion. However, be assured that you are under the enthusiastic guidance of Spencer, who will accompany you throughout the entire workout. Feeling geared up for a vigorous session? Lay down your mat and hit play.

Image Source: Pixabay

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