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Experiment Occasionally to Add Spice to Life

Acknowledgement: Unsplash
Life is a voyage, embark on it!

Personally, I consider myself someone who thrives on routine. I find comfort in familiarity and tend to adhere to certain established patterns in my daily life. However, every now and then, I like to venture into the realm of new experiences. It could be something as grand as exploring a hidden gem on a day trip, or as simple as ordering an unconventional coffee at Starbucks. Life is an amalgamation of adventures, so embracing occasional novelties is highly recommended.

There’s a popular adage suggesting that over-familiarity can lead to boredom. This holds some truth; even if you find solace in your daily rituals, engaging in the exact same activities day in and day out can become monotonous. Introducing an element of surprise occasionally keeps life intriguing. Embracing change not only sustains your interest in life but also ensures that your cognitive faculties remain active. Prolonged periods of monotony can almost transform you into an automaton, hence it’s imperative to consciously opt for new experiences to stay mentally agile.

Acknowledgement: Unsplash

Remember, you need not undertake extreme measures in your quest for novelty. The key is to engage in activities that genuinely interest you. Forcing yourself into activities that contradict your preferences and personality will dampen the experience for everyone involved. Explore avenues that branch out from your current interests; for instance, if you enjoy watching The Great British Bake-Off, why not try your hand at baking a dessert at home? It doesn’t have to be an elaborate creation—a simple brownie in a mug can be a perfect start.

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