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Experiment with Still Pauses for Enhancing Strength Workout

Photo Courtesy: Rich Froning

Engage all your muscles with full power.

The initial repetition of a set while bench pressing always poses a challenge, even if it stands as your foremost task. The procedure becomes progressively smoother due to the gathering momentum during your lifts, coupled with the onset of adrenaline. In the course of that initial lift, you lack any momentum to rely on; it’s solely you and your muscles commencing from a ground-zero position. This is termed as a “still pause,” and for individuals seeking strength training, this approach will undoubtedly intensify the workout experience.

How does a still pause operate? The concept is quite straightforward: you merely need to halt briefly at the lowest point of a lift. This action decisively halts your momentum. Although it might not initially sound advantageous, employing this technique implies that you channel 100% of your muscular strength for the forthcoming lifts, devoid of any momentum or stretch reflex.

Incorporating still pauses into your routine allows you to achieve an equally effective workout with a lesser load than your usual. This method enables you to add muscle mass while reducing the additional strain on your joints.

Which exercises can you integrate still pauses into? The prime and most recommended selections are deadlifts and bench presses. However, you can also implement them in activities like box squats, pull-ups, and ring dips. Essentially, any exercise requiring a dual-stage motion can integrate a still pause.

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