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Experiment with These Unique Core Workouts!

Credit: Unsplash
Strengthen your core in innovative ways.

Do you ever feel the desire to experiment? Not necessarily a complete overhaul of your routine, just something fresh. Last week, I suddenly craved chicken salad after years and enjoyed the best sandwich ever. Occasionally, a slight diversion from the ordinary can be beneficial. For instance, if you’re tired of conventional core exercises, why not try something new!

How do you usually perform a push-up? Hands on the ground, push up, lower down, the usual routine. Here’s an interesting twist: as you lower yourself during a push-up, try pausing halfway. Known as a half push-up hover, this move challenges your core by making you stop and hold midway through a fluid motion, intensifying the core engagement from a regular push-up. You can also attempt a single-leg tabletop tricep push-up by placing one knee on the floor and extending the other leg backward. Although technically easier than a regular push-up, this variation targets the waist area more.

Credit: Unsplash

If you prefer gazing at the ceiling, explore different leg stretching variations. Lie flat on your back and bring your legs toward your chest, bending at the knees. Sequentially, extend your feet straight out as far as possible, then retract them. Another option is knee catches in a similar position, but instead of extending your legs, lower them toward the ground, one leg at a time, then both simultaneously.

An effective workout targets specific muscle groups. Understanding how your muscles contract enables you to create a variety of engaging variations.

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