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Express Empathy Towards Others and Yourself

Credit: Unsplash
While challenging, it can also be rewarding.

Existence can sometimes seem harsh without much purpose, and it’s unlikely anyone would disagree with that notion. Meetings with unpleasant individuals, facing undesirable events, and fearing potential future hardships are common experiences. Rather than denying these challenges, which only leads to repression—a disservice to everyone—it’s beneficial to cultivate compassion for the world, its inhabitants, and yourself.

Just as you encounter random adversities, people worldwide are likely experiencing their own struggles at any given moment. Even those individuals who may act unpleasantly towards you could be undergoing their own share of challenges when you cross paths. Most people do not intentionally seek to inflict harm on others without reason. While it’s normal to feel frustrated by others’ behavior towards you, it’s important to remember that they may also be facing their own difficulties.

Credit: Unsplash

Furthermore, if you find no external target for your frustrations, there might be a tendency to direct them inward. However, speaking from experience, self-criticism does not lead to resolution. Practicing self-compassion does not absolve you of responsibility for your circumstances; instead, it involves acknowledging your errors and striving to rectify them within your capacity. While you cannot solve every problem in the world (an impossible feat), as long as you remain committed to personal growth, you can continue to progress.

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