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Feeling Stressed? Go for a Run!

Credit: Unsplash
Burn those worries off like coal in a train.

Physical activity is a great way to work off negative feelings like stress and frustration. It gives you something constructive to direct all of that negative energy toward while simultaneously redirecting your focus away from all of it. Most forms of exercise, from lifting to stretch sets, will work toward this end, but if you’re really in a mood, the best way to remedy it is with a good ol’ fashioned run.

Studies show that high levels of stress can cause wear and tear on certain sensitive parts of your brain, which is why those who suffer from high stress in life may be more likely to develop certain neurological disorders in their older years. However, by going for a run while your stress is elevated evens out the wear and tear on your brain. Cardio-centric exercise like running strengthens the synapses in your brain, which cancels out the damage caused by high stress.

Credit: Unsplash

You don’t even need to go for a particularly intensive run to combat heightened stress levels. A 20-minute jog at a consistent pace will do you just fine. So whenever you’re feeling cooped up and stress, throw on your running shoes and make like the wind. You’ll quite literally be glad you did.

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