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Finding a Equilibrium on Device Usage

Credit: Parents Zone
Despite our preferences, screens are an essential part of our lives.

Given the amalgamation of contemporary era and present conditions, the undeniable reality is that one cannot escape the omnipresence of screens. Whether it’s a personal computer, a mobile device, a television, or any other form of display; we require screens for essential purposes such as staying informed, conducting work tasks, or finding content to view. However, the evident downside to this dependency is the adverse impact prolonged screen exposure can have on our well-being. It’s worth noting that various studies on this subject often dramatize the outcomes. Your vision is unlikely to spontaneously combust from extended screen exposure. Nonetheless, despite these exaggerations, it is prudent to attempt to regulate the screen time for yourself and your family to mitigate its physical repercussions.

For individuals engaged in remote work who anticipate extended screen engagement involuntarily, it’s advisable to have eye-care essentials within reach. This includes a bottle of lubricating eye drops and a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. Ordinary over-the-counter eye drops suffice for relieving dryness and irritation. Blue light glasses help in reducing the strain caused by blue light emitted from screens. These glasses are readily available for purchase on platforms like Amazon without the need for a prescription. It’s important to note that some individuals may experience unusual symptoms when wearing blue light glasses, so if you feel dizzy or nauseous, it’s advisable to discontinue usage.

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Throughout the day, if engaging in non-screen activities isn’t viable, consider taking small measures to minimize eye strain. Many popular social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube offer a dark mode feature that changes their white interfaces to black, resulting in reduced visual intensity. Should entertainment be on your agenda, consider exploring podcasts as an alternative to viewing shows or movies. Tune in to a discussion or radio drama, find a comfortable spot with a pillow, and close your eyes for a brief respite.

Despite the prevalent discourse on the risks associated with screen time, the truth remains that screens are indispensable. However, acknowledging their necessity does not equate to disregarding our well-being.

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