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Fitting Exercise into Daily Life Effortlessly

Photo Credit: Consumer Reports
Every small action contributes.

You might be feeling fatigued from the constant talk about exercising at your place of residence. However, with the ongoing pandemic situation, we have to adapt for the long term. In prior articles, we have explored various home workout options using a couple of dumbbells and your creativity. But beyond that, it is beneficial to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine. This is particularly crucial if you are working remotely from a desk. When you eventually need to handle tasks or go grocery shopping, don’t just rush through them, extract maximum benefit from each of these activities.

If the grocery store is nearby, consider jogging or cycling to reach it. Of course, this may not be feasible for larger purchases, but a good middle ground could involve driving to the store and then parking farther away. After shopping, strive to carry multiple bags back to your vehicle. Be cautious during these tasks to prevent injuries (or onions falling), but the brisk walk with added weight can provide a substantial workout.

Photo Credit: Dr. med. Schrammek

When it comes to household chores, utilize this opportunity to thoroughly clean the interior of your home. Extend your reach to the ceiling and get the Swiffer into tight corners. Essentially, I’m suggesting you focus on incorporating stretching routines. While cooking dishes that do not demand constant attention, engage in aerobics to pass the time. Whether it’s push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks, adapt exercises suitable for the available space. You could even keep a small dumbbell in the kitchen for bicep curls.

Restricting oneself in this manner may not be enjoyable, but it’s all for the sake of maintaining good health. At the very least, aim to sustain a baseline level of fitness so that when you eventually return to the gym, you won’t have to drastically reduce the weights you lift.

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