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Five Pointers To Remain Well-Hydrated During the Winter Season

Credit: VAntage Point

Tackle winter dryness with these tips for staying hydrated.

We are all aware of the importance of maintaining hydration during the warmer months, but it’s common to overlook our hydration routines in the colder season. Winter can be particularly dehydrating, especially for our skin and hair. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure adequate water intake throughout the day. Furthermore, as you may find yourself enjoying more alcoholic beverages during the festive period, the most effective way to counteract their effects is to stay properly hydrated!

Experiment with Lukewarm Water

If the idea of chugging ice-cold water seems unappealing due to the cold weather, consider opting for a cup of warm water infused with flavors like lemon, cinnamon, or spices. This alternative will be just as hydrating and provide a comforting warmth as you sip it through the day.

Restrict your Caffeine Consumption

If, like me, you tend to gravitate towards coffee as your beverage of choice in winter, it can be tempting to drink multiple cups to stay warm. However, try to limit yourself to just one or two cups, and ensure you drink plenty of water before and after each cup.

Carry Room Temperature Water Wherever You Go

If you are engaging in outdoor activities this winter, such as skiing, walking, or shoveling snow, make sure to stay hydrated while you are outside. Even in winter, you can work up a sweat, leading to quicker dehydration.

Avoid Piping Hot Showers

While a steaming hot shower may feel wonderful after being out in the cold, it can actually be detrimental to your skin. Gradually adjust the water temperature once you are in the shower to acclimate your body. After your shower, apply moisturizer and enjoy a soothing cup of tea or warm water to rehydrate.

Incorporate Salt and Soups into Your Diet

Consuming salty foods helps your body retain water, aiding in staying hydrated throughout the day. While it is important not to overdo the salt intake, a bit extra during winter is acceptable. Soups are also an excellent choice as they contain hydrating broth and are typically seasoned with a moderate amount of salt.

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