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Five Strategies to Kickstart Your New Routine

Credit: Mind Pump Media

Commencing a new routine can often pose a challenge.

Humans tend to follow familiar patterns, so starting something fresh can be daunting. While it’s easy to plan on beginning a new workout schedule the next day, distractions like friends calling, new Netflix series releasing, or work commitments can easily derail those plans. To help you tackle these hurdles and stay committed to fitness, here are a few tactics you can employ.

Incentivize Yourself

Motivate yourself with rewards in exchange for consistent exercise. This principle, grounded in behavioral science, suggests that if you set a goal and reward yourself upon achieving it, you’ll be more driven to maintain the routine. For instance, treat yourself to the new video game you’ve been eyeing or dine at that fancy restaurant following a successful month of workouts. Just ensure that you truly earn the reward before indulging. To stay accountable, consider entrusting a friend or family member with the rewarding process.

Seek Workout Companions

Exercise can be a social endeavor. Whether engaging in friendly competitions or chatting during reps, having a workout buddy to accompany you can make the fitness journey smoother. Just make sure your friend understands not to push you beyond your limits, as friendly encouragement differs from peer pressure.

Outsmart Yourself

If stepping into a gym presents the biggest challenge, try setting up scenarios that compel you to be there. For instance, if you have a home gym, deliberately leave something essential for your morning routine within it. Once you step in to retrieve it, you’re already there, so you might as well utilize the environment for a workout. Another trick is to position your running shoes nearer to your bed than your regular footwear. When your running shoes are the first thing you see, you’re likely to put them on first, setting the stage for your workout.

Infuse Enjoyment

Remember the joy you felt running around a playground as a child? Recreate that sense of fun in your physical activities to boost your enthusiasm. Engage in casual sports or learn popular dance routines to make exercising a fun and engaging experience.

Inspire, Don’t Shame

Above all, remind yourself that you choose to exercise because you desire to, not because you have to. Health is a mindset; exercising out of guilt-driven obligations will make the process unbearable. View health as its own reward, one that you wholeheartedly deserve.

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