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Food Choices That Disrupt Your Sleep

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Certain foods are better saved for the next day.

When the time arrives to relax for the night, your body’s functions generally slow down. Activities taper off, certain processes ease up, and your body devotes more attention to energy conservation and restoration. Nevertheless, the temptation of a late-night snack is familiar to most of us. While some foods are acceptable, certain options can significantly hinder your ability to attain a restful night’s sleep due to their impact on your body’s state of rest.

Two primary disruptors of sleep are caffeine and sugar. The metabolism of caffeine and sugar varies from person to person, leading to differing durations for their effects to wear off. If these substances remain unprocessed by the time you intend to sleep, you may find yourself lying awake as your body struggles to complete its tasks. Similarly, stimulating and spicy foods pose a similar problem. The sensation of spiciness can mimic a feeling of pain, signaling to your body to stay alert rather than wind down, especially if it leads to heartburn.

Credit: Unsplash

Some individuals opt for the opposite approach by consuming depressants such as alcohol. While alcohol may induce drowsiness by slowing down bodily processes, the effects wear off relatively quickly, often resulting in a hangover. Falling asleep while under the influence of alcohol frequently leads to awakening in the middle of the night with a headache.

Even if your meal isn’t particularly stimulating, consuming large portions can hinder your sleep. Eating a substantial, rich meal close to bedtime raises your core body temperature as your body works to digest the food. If you prefer sleeping in a cooler environment, this rise in temperature can disrupt your rest, turning what should be sleep into a sweaty discomfort.

Therefore, if possible, consider avoiding eating near bedtime. If you do indulge, opt for simple and light options like a cracker.

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