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Foods You Should Consume For Maximum Energy In Your Exercise Regimen

Exercise nutrition is a complex art: Consume your meal too close to the start of your high-intensity training, and you might feel queasy; if you don’t fuel properly before exercising, you may lack the energy to complete the entire session. Consequently, if you are a fan of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and are pondering: “What should I consume before my workout?,” it’s the moment to seek advice from an expert.

Maria Garcia, the fitness group leader at Equinox, HIIT trainer, and certified NASM nutrition expert has given considerable thought to how to approach a workout session with peak energy. “Having the right pre-HIIT sustenance is crucial as it ensures you can endure the entire training session with vigor,” Garcia states. “Who desires to feel dizzy and drained or have to rush to the restroom mid-class?” Retweet.

Being well-versed in nutrition and having encountered numerous mountain climbers, Garcia presents some guiding principles to help you nourish your body with appropriate nutrients while allowing sufficient time for digestion. “Approximately 45 minutes before a HIIT session, I guarantee top-notch performance by consuming optimal nutrients,” she mentions. “My pre-workout nourishment comprises easily digestible carbs and protein. Carbs provide rapid energy, and protein promotes muscle strength and accelerates recovery.”

My pre-workout fuel consists of a digestible snack containing carbs and protein.” — Maria Garcia, fitness group leader at Equinox and certified NASM nutrition expert

Alongside proteins and carbohydrates being excellent nutrients to take along for your workout, Garcia suggests consuming fiber and fats in moderation before getting into action. “Intake of fiber just before a workout could lead to digestive distress, which is the last thing you desire during your regimen,” Garcia elaborates. “Moreover, I avoid overindulging in high-fat foods. Fats require the longest digestion time. Once again, this isn’t wise immediately before your workout—you won’t digest it all in time for your session.”

Moreover, it is crucial not to overeat before you commence your warm-up, even if your substantial snack contains all the necessary nutrients. “Avoid consuming a large protein bar, high-sugar beverages like soda, or a substantial meal just before your workout. Keep your snack modest but packed with the right nutrients, and it will see you through a HIIT session at your finest,” Garcia advises.

Now equipped with the knowledge of pre-exercise nutrition, you are prepared to indulge in some delectable treats. And by that, I mean… the little indulgences. Below, Garcia reveals her top four snacks for enjoying before, *cough*, indulging in your gym routine.

The 4 optimum snacks to munch on before a HIIT workout, based on a nutritionist and trainer

In essence: Given these considerations, selecting a pre-HIIT snack is not entirely straightforward. However, after years of instructing HIIT and researching nutrition, Garcia has a few preferred snacks that you can appropriate for yourself.

  • A small banana with nut spread
  • Greek yogurt paired with berries
  • A protein shake with low sugar content
  • Whole grain toast accompanied by a few avocado slices

Is the art of snacking before a workout entirely deciphered? Not entirely. “Every individual is different, and what suits one person perfectly may not be ideal for another. Opting for foods that resonate with your goals, health status, and preferences is essential for establishing sustainable and successful results,” Garcia suggests. Therefore, take her snack recommendations as a proposal and test them out during your own exercise sessions—sound good?

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