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Get Into Gear with a Speed Ball

Credit: Unsplash
How many strikes can you unleash?

Upon my first encounter with a speed ball, I mistakenly likened it to a uvula, the small dangling structure at the back of one’s throat. Possibly because I had witnessed numerous cartoon characters using uvulas as speed balls, my brain established an instant association. However, regardless of being situated inside a mouth, a speed ball is an excellent method to engage your upper body and elevate your heart rate.

The fundamental method for speed balls is not intricate: deliver a solid punch with the edge of your fist to set it bouncing, then switch fists while tapping the ball to maintain its movement, aiming for a consistent impact with the ball each time. Though straightforward, retaining your muscles in such a taut, concentrated state is certain to provide you with a substantial workout, particularly for your arms and shoulders. As previously mentioned, it also offers remarkable cardiovascular exercise, which is advantageous if you are disinclined to go for a run.

Credit: Unsplash

Nevertheless, even though speed balls target your upper body, that does not encompass all the areas they engage. Appropriate speed ball technique necessitates the involvement of your core and maintaining a bouncing stance with your feet, which imparts some effort on your middle and lower regions. Moreover, utilizing a speed ball is an effective method to hone your focus and coordination, and while these are not strictly muscles, having heightened senses will greatly benefit you during other exercises and enhance your safety.

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