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Get More Bell Peppers In Your Diet

Credit: Old Farmer’s Almanac
In addition to nutrients, peppers are packed with hydration!

Bell peppers are one of the mortal enemies of kids and picky eaters. They’re bitter, somewhat spicy, and their texture requires some getting used to. I have no shame in admitting that I absolutely refused to eat bell peppers until fairly recently. But as is often the case with picky eater targets, bell peppers are packed with essential nutrients no well-rounded diet should go without. Not only that, though, they’ve got a secret feature that makes them especially beneficial in the warmer months.

You might not know this (I know I didn’t before), but bell peppers are actually composed of 92 percent water. That’s the same water percentage as watermelon, often considered the master of hydrating fruits. Not only that, but bell peppers contain a third of the sugar per-serving that a watermelon does, which means they’re actually a healthier choice if you need some quick hydration. Obviously, water-filled produce isn’t a substitution for drinking actual water, but if you combine regular water drinking with increased consumption of bell peppers, you get much closer to your daily recommended intake of water.

Credit: Healthline

It’s actually kind of amusing; bell peppers beat out many famous fruits and vegetables in their nutritional specialties. For example, vitamin C. The unquestioned king of vitamin C is oranges, right? Nope. A single cup of sliced green bell pepper packs more vitamin C than an entire medium orange. They’re also full of potassium, vitamin A, and lots of other nutrients that generally make them great for immune system support. Speaking of potassium, actually, with their high water and potassium content, bell peppers are a great post-workout snack for replenishing electrolytes. Water keeps you hydrated while potassium keeps your sodium levels balanced.

So as divisive as bell peppers may be, you can’t argue with the science: they’re an absolute good. Don’t brush them off to the side of your food, as much as you may want to.

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