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Get Ready to Take on this 20-Minute Hip Afro-Rhythm Dance Challenge for Your Body and Mind

Well+Good’s dedicated team of fitness experts brings to you a unique series of workouts tailored to suit your busy lifestyle. While our usual lineup includes weekly sessions of high-energy interval training (HIIT), strength exercises, or yoga routines, this time we’re adding a twist. In this special feature, dance specialist Kiné Camara will lead you through an exhilarating 20-minute Afro rhythm dance sequence, aiming to transform your workout regimen and release those uplifting dance endorphins.

Named after its vibrant and lively movements originating from Africa, Afro dance embodies an energetic style that promises enjoyment. Even if you’re new to this genre, fret not: Camara has got your back. “If Afro dance is uncharted territory for you, fear not! We will be delving into the basics and techniques to ensure you shine like a star today,” she assures.

Similar to other dance forms, Camara’s Afro rhythm routine offers significant physical and mental advantages. According to Sadie Kurzban, the innovative mind behind 305 Fitness, “Dance serves as a comprehensive workout engaging every muscle group. It promotes mind-body coordination, enhancing skills such as agility, balance, and neuromuscular control, essential for athletic pursuits and cognitive function preservation as you age.”

Furthermore, mastering choreography and syncing with the music can induce a euphoric state known as the “dancer’s high,” triggering the release of mood-boosting endorphins.

If you’re eager to explore this unique routine firsthand, simply press play on the video and allow Camara to navigate you through the world of Afro dance.

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