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Give Your Phone a Break for a Bit

Photo Credit: iMore
Sometimes, refrain from feeding your anxieties.

Using my phone and computer, I’ve set up a substitute alarm network that alerts me about almost everything. Whether it’s bills, chats with my loved ones, work interactions, deadlines, or social updates, I get notifications almost instantly. It’s an incredibly handy setup. However, it’s also utterly exasperating. Because I’ve relied on this system for so long, I detest being in the dark. Not particularly engaging, just being clueless. The continuous influx of information is truly draining, and I know I’m not the sole individual facing this issue. When it becomes overwhelming, sometimes it’s necessary to unplug.

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The concept of switching off your alerts for a day may seem unfeasible, right? You feel the need to stay connected to work, to stay informed about your social circles. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to be informed. Well, okay, perhaps work-related information is essential, but it can be minimized. When it comes to social aspects, the endless flow of conversations, trends, and negative opinions is something you opt to expose yourself to. By disconnecting for a day, you might miss out on a few humorous interactions, but you’ll appreciate the tranquility (and relief for your eyes).

Picture Credit: Android Central

I’m not suggesting a complete electronic disconnection. Personally, I couldn’t do that; all my leisure activities involve a screen. However, you can silence your alerts and alarms and allow the day to unfold gradually instead of rushing to meet it every split second. You are the one who defines the crucial aspects in your life, not your Twitter timeline.

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