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Grasp It Firmly!

Acknowledgment: Unsplash
Exercise those digits and grasp firmly!

You know what I’ve always found especially remarkable? Individuals with sturdy grasps. Once, in a martial arts film, I witnessed a person who firmly clasped another individual’s face and forcefully brought them to the ground. Maintaining a grip on someone’s face is genuinely challenging. Not that I have firsthand experience, of course. Nonetheless, a robust and forceful hold is a valuable quality to possess, not only for causing physical harm but also for various other purposes. The strength and technique of your hold can significantly impact your weightlifting endeavors.

When executing a heavy pulling motion, be it lifting dumbbells or pulling a cord, do you experience a sharp ache in your elbow? This sensation occurs because you are exerting excessive pressure on your fourth finger. It is logical to prioritize gripping weights with your fourth finger, as it is one of the central two fingers. However, what you may not be aware of is that your fourth finger is directly linked to your flexor digitorum superficialis. The FDS, found in the elbow, connects exclusively to the fourth and fifth fingers and is primarily a muscle for motor control rather than weight support. Overburdening this muscle can lead to increased soreness during weightlifting.

Acknowledgment: Unsplash

So how can you address this issue? It’s simple: redistribute the pressure elsewhere. Concentrate your grasp more towards the center of your hand rather than the fingers. For instance, when performing pull-ups, grip the bar with your entire hand, not just your fingers. Similarly, during weightlifting, ensure your grip is secure with your palms and knuckles instead of relying on the finger joints. If feasible, consider adding small pads to the bar for your fourth and fifth fingers. This adjustment will alleviate the burden on those fingers and shift it to others.

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