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    Guidelines For Maintaining Good Health Post Weight Reduction Past 45 Years Old

    In the very near future, I will proudly reach the age of 56. Is this age impacting me in any way? Well! Not recently, but a few years back, I was distressed contemplating methods and diets for shedding excess weight. Almost everyone around me kept insisting that losing weight after surpassing the age of 45 was nearly unattainable. Yet, I defied all odds by shedding off 90 percent of that surplus weight. Having attained a partial weight reduction objective, I feel triumphant and can confidently affirm that weight reduction post 45 is achievable. Today, I am here to impart some simple strategies for maintaining sound health beyond the age of 45.

    Currently, I feel content and serene, not because I proved a point to the naysayers around me via my weight loss expedition, but because I have grasped that the figures on the weighing scale hold minimal significance. Now, what truly matters to me is a consistent workout regimen coupled with a nutritious diet.

    I have noticed that with each passing year, the number on the weighing scale also climbs. Each year, and particularly menopause, has rendered my weight loss journey more challenging. I comprehend the struggles of women who cut down on food portions, eliminate sugar, and enroll in gym memberships, however, for a few unfortunate ones, the scale just does not budge. Reaching 45+ sparks numerous significant alterations in digestion, metabolism due to hormonal fluctuations that negatively impact every aspect of well-being. Let us explore how to stay healthy without fretting over weight gain.

    Concerned about weight loss after 45? Follow these effortless hints for a healthier lifestyle.

    1. Grab a pen and paper to jot down a list of habits you consider beneficial and those that do not.
    2. Evaluate each habit and devise ways to cultivate healthy habits by discarding the unhealthy ones.
    3. Recognize that after the age of 45, your BMR also undergoes alterations. You can determine the new BMR using a free online BMR Calculator. With advancing age and prevailing health conditions, our activity level also changes. Caloric intake must be revised accordingly for improved weight management. Understanding how to establish an effective caloric deficit is paramount.

    Conscientiously elevate metabolism levels.

    1. Aging decelerates metabolism, rendering weight loss more challenging. To invigorate the sluggish metabolism, include extra fiber and protein in your daily diet.
    2. Incorporate foods that foster an accelerated metabolism such as oats, eggs, and yogurt.
    3. Women aged over 45 particularly require calcium-rich natural sources.
    4. Integrate additional supplements (with prior consultation with a healthcare provider) to fulfill the daily quota of essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

    Increase physical movement to enhance weight loss.

    1. Females over 45 ought to engage in 45 minutes of aerobic exercises five to six times a week.
    2. Incorporating weight-lifting aids in strengthening muscles.
    3. The timing of physical activities holds minimal significance as any workout session at any time is beneficial.
    4. Post 45, exercise may entail a simple brisk walk based on the condition of your joints.

    Regular exercise helps decelerate the decline of bone and muscle mass. Hence, kickstarting a consistent workout routine not only fortifies muscles but also accelerates metabolism, facilitating calorie burn.

    Prioritize quality rest and sleep.

    1. Typically, as we age beyond 45, our sleep patterns become disrupted. Stress, busy lifestyles, in conjunction with physical ailments like back pain, nasal blockages, and night sweats, can wreak havoc on our sleep quality.
    2. Interestingly, research indicates that lack of sleep directly translates to weight gain due to the impact on two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, which regulate appetite and fullness. These hormones trigger more cravings and a reduced sense of satiety.

    Implement gradual and practical changes for long-lasting results.

    1. Adopting a “slow and steady wins the race” approach is key for effective weight loss post 45 as it is not an instant transformation.
    2. Focus on reducing calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure.
    3. Initiate changes in your routine gradually as this marks the inception of a new phase. Challenge yourself a bit, but avoid overwhelming yourself. If lengthy walks invigorate you and promote activity, go for it; however, if you can only manage 30-40 minutes, stick to that duration.
    4. Incorporating small, manageable lifestyle modifications into your daily routine is more effective for shedding weight post 45. 

    My perspective:

    I experimented with a low-carb diet and rigorous exercises, successfully shedding extensive weight. However, I also experienced joint issues as a consequence. Subsequently, my hypothyroidism resurged, leading to regaining the lost weight. Even today, at 56, I am endeavoring to shed a few pounds but find it arduous. Not being inclined towards gyms, I favor walking and maintaining an active lifestyle. I typically walk between 5000 to 10000 steps four to five times weekly. I adhere to a healthy diet with occasional indulgences. I rarely bother with the scale anymore, as what truly matters is self-acceptance. So, regardless of external opinions, I cherish myself as I am… ‘Joyful to be on the move’.

    If you concur that weight loss past 45 poses challenges, let us unite and establish a community of women who prioritize physical activity over fixating on the scale readings. Are you prepared to confront the post-45 phase head-on like me?


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