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Handling the Sensation of Solitude

Credit: Unsplash
Remember, you’re not as solitary as you perceive.

Coming of age as a withdrawn, geeky individual, I’ve had more than two decades to acclimate to being distanced from others, so that specific element of the last year hasn’t really fazed me all that much. Naturally, I don’t consider myself the societal norm, which explains why many people, particularly young ones, have been grappling with emotions of isolation and solitude during the pandemic. Even though I may be accustomed to them, I understand the severity of those emotions, which underscores the significance of addressing them in any way possible.

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The positive aspect of residing in the information era is the ease of connecting with someone. Messaging, voice chatting, and video calls are all readily available nowadays, making it convenient to catch a glimpse of another person whenever desired. Considering many youngsters have had to conduct all their schooling via video calls, it’s understandable if they’ve grown a bit weary of the entire process. In such cases, I suggest starting with a simple walk outdoors. Witnessing other individuals on the street can begin to alleviate those feelings of isolation. Being confined in a box with only a small window to interact with the world is bound to induce a sense of loneliness, hence, stepping out of the box every now and then is necessary.

Credit: Unsplash

When it comes to engaging with friends, it’s still possible, provided you invest the effort to ensure safety. Remember to wear a mask, maintain a distance of six feet when feasible, and forgo handshakes. I know, you may wish to embrace them or greet them with a high five, but it’s not safe just yet. If physical interaction is what you truly crave, both parties could undergo a two-week quarantine and then meet immediately, although that’s quite a commitment for a single hug. Nonetheless, at this juncture, it might be deemed worthwhile.

In any case, it’s crucial to realize that you’re never entirely isolated in the world. Your friends are still present, and communication with them remains possible in one way or another. Just imagine the gratification of that first face-to-face interaction without masks… whenever that moment arrives.

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