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Have You Taken Charge of Your Own Back?

Credit: GQ

No matter what your age, back pains can be quite unpleasant.

Every physical movement we perform requires the engagement of our back muscles in some way, so even a minor back injury can put you out of commission. It is essential to maintain the health of your back to prevent such injuries and also to strengthen your entire body for smooth functionality during daily activities and workouts. 

The four key areas of your back that are crucial to target during your exercise routine are your latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and erector spinae (which is the muscle group that runs along your spine). Focusing on these areas will help you develop a stronger back and a more robust body framework to support your overall fitness goals. 

Prior to commencing any workout session, it is vital to begin with at least 5 to 10 minutes of cardio to elevate your heart rate and activate muscles that may have been inactive for a while. Following the warm-up, ensure to stretch and prepare your back muscles in order to prevent any unnecessary post-workout soreness. 

Below are two straightforward back exercises you can perform at home without the need for heavy or expensive machinery or equipment: 

Using Resistance Bands for Pulling 

Hold a resistance band parallel to the ground in front of you with both hands. Maintain straight arms and begin pulling the band towards your chest by outwardly moving your arms. Keep your back straight, and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you do so. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Remember to inhale while pulling and exhale while pushing. 

Performing Quadruped Dumbbell Rows 

Grab a dumbbell in each hand and position yourself on all fours. Ensure your back is straight, hands placed directly under your shoulders, and knees under your hips. Lift the dumbbell with your right arm, bringing it up to your armpit. Slowly lower the dumbbell to the ground and repeat on the opposite side. 


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