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Helpful Pointers For Individuals Residing With Essential Tremor

If you are facing challenges with essential tremor, bear in mind that this condition is not life-threatening. While this brings relief, it does not nullify the fact that managing this diagnosis can be quite demanding. For many individuals with essential tremor, simple everyday tasks can become daunting without assistance, leading to feelings of embarrassment and a tendency to isolate oneself. Coping with essential tremor can be tough, but there are strategies to help with effective symptom control. Here are five recommendations that could potentially alleviate symptoms if you are dealing with essential tremor.

1. Utilize Relaxation Methods

Engaging in relaxation techniques may seem minor, yet it can significantly enhance your well-being and cultivate a sense of fitness and health as you age.

Relaxation practices can effectively diminish symptoms of essential tremor compared to parkinson’s. Physical tremors can worsen due to feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and stress. Fortunately, by training our bodies to relax, we can slow down this process. Consequently, you might experience reduced tremors and regain better capability to handle daily tasks unhindered. Explore activities like meditation, yoga, warm baths, and therapy to understand additional stress-relief methods that might be advantageous.

2. Refrain From Alcohol Intake

At times, alcohol can interfere with medications. The drugs used for essential tremor treatment can be impacted by complications. Taking essential tremor medications could heighten the risk of developing alcohol dependency.

It is vital to abstain from alcoholic beverages to reap the benefits of your medication minus the risks of addiction. Additionally, beta-blockers could be an option, potentially making social engagements easier by reducing tremors. Consult your physician to explore whether any supplements tailored for seniors could also help alleviate your symptoms.

3. Steer Clear of Caffeine and Stimulants

To effectively manage essential tremor, you must strive to maintain a relaxed bodily state for as long as possible. Moreover, avoiding caffeine and other stimulants is vital to prevent agitation, anxiety, and restlessness.

Refrain from consuming chocolates, caffeinated teas, and sodas. Say no to energy drinks or beverages high in caffeine. These drinks can disrupt your sleep patterns, worsening tremors. Opt for caffeine-free teas that aid in reducing anxiety.

4. Ensure Adequate Rest

Inadequate sleep can intensify tremors. Strive to create a peaceful and restful sleep environment to attain the quality rest necessary for alleviating symptoms throughout the day.

Prioritize your sleep to maximize tremor reduction. Keep your room as dark as possible to avoid external light disturbances. The better your sleep quality each night, the more rejuvenated your body will be the next day. This restoration could potentially aid in reducing tremors.

5. Have Napkins Handy And Use Weighted Bracelets

Having a napkin nearby while drinking from glasses can help prevent shaking and rattling. Consider wearing a weighted bracelet to lend additional support to your hands. The added weight might assist in reducing tremor intensity.

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