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Here Are Some Pointers To Aid You Loosen Your Tight Hip Joints

Occasionally our hips endure a lot. Whether we embark on a significant run or spend a lengthy period seated at the computer, we tend to sense practically any movement (or lack thereof) greatly in our hip joints. Even a routine as seemingly harmless as always sleeping on one side for many nights consecutively can lead to uncomfortable hip discomfort.

The positive news? You can reset, elongate, and alleviate those tense, achy hip joints with these six hip unfurling videos from the archives of Well+Good’s YouTube channel. Whether you require extra power to steady your pelvis or a bit of bodywork to relax any knots, we’ve got you covered.

15 Minute Pilates Stretch For Hip Flexors And Hamstrings

This mellow session from fitness coach Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates is excellent for priming the body before a workout, or for relieving any hip discomfort at the day’s end. De Winter commences with mobilizing hip circles to warm up and alleviate tension, then proceeds to intense hip-flexor concentrated elongations, making it notably beneficial after prolonged periods of sitting.

15 Minute Core Strengthening for Tight Hip Flexors

If your hip flexors are persistently aching, it’s advisable to dedicate some extra time to fortify your core. Why? A robust core can help reduce the strain on your hips by backing and securing proper alignment across the torso and pelvis. This exercise routine with Brian Spencer from East River Pilates focuses on utilizing the body’s resistance to enhance the strength you require without worsening the tension in your tight hip flexors any more.

16 Minute ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ Sequence for Cheerful Hips

This enjoyable yoga sequence led by instructor Pilin Anice targets the tiny muscles that support the hip joints. Anice commences with cat-cow poses to synchronize the breath and movement flow, then integrates hip circles while remaining on all fours. Each pose—from downward-facing dog to squats and lunges—is devised to foster a superior range of motion.

Mastering Pigeon Pose

Only a few elongations hit the outer hips as effectively as an effective pigeon pose. Refine your posture to ensure you’re hitting all the correct spots with this brief tutorial video from the Well+Good collection The Right Way. Tess Koenig from Yoga Vida guides you through the steps, emphasizing common errors to steer clear of. Hint: You’re executing the pose correctly if you sense your hips opening up, instead of pulling in your knee.

15 Minute Led Foam Roller Regimen for Self-Massaging

Bid farewell to stiffness! While elongating your hip joints is crucial, it may not always be adequate: Gently massaging the connective muscles in your hips can help alleviate any rigidity causing discomfort and soreness. Instructed by De Winter, this session employs targeted pressure from a foam roller to release tension in the quads, inner thighs, and back.

25 Minute Hip Focusing Sequence

Led by Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson from BK Yoga Club, this calming yoga session directs you through poses that focus on the hips, gentle yet potent. The blend of profound inhalation and extensive stretching enables your hip joints to unfurl and unwind. “We are drawing in energy into your hip joints and observing how it might feel taut or adhesive, and exploring these sensations,” Alexandra remarks. Prepare to experience comforted, elongated, and rejuvenated.

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