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Here Are The Health Risks Of Using A Microwave Ovens

Find out the health risks of using microwave ovens

Hello All!!!

One kitchen appliance that sits pretty in every Indian kitchen is the microwave oven. It is convenient and helps re-heat last night’s food in a jiffy. Right from heating milk to making maggi noodles, the microwave is a part and parcel of the life of an average busy Indian and life is difficult without one! At least that what it looks like on the exterior! It helps match the steps of your fast paced life. Every dingy looking bakery too keeps one these days to heat the puffs, savouries and samosas it sells. Where there is food there is a microwave oven! Is it healthy? Let us talk about health risks of using microwave ovens.

What you must note is that all this convenience has some hidden facts behind it. Scientists have found that when you cook food in a microwave, the nutrients get depleted and the nutritional value of the food gets diminished. Due to the high radiation used to cook or heat the food, the food molecules get deformed and as a result harmful radioactive compounds get created.

Working of microwave ovens

It is very convenient to heat up food in a minute by pressing the start button. However, let’s have a close look at what happens after you push the start button of the microwave oven. As soon as the button is pressed, tiny, energetic waves begin to move inside the microwave oven. Electromagnetic radiation gets released with the waves vibrating at 2.5 Giga Hertz per minute. Non-ionising radiation gets released per minute and is known to be carcinogenic in nature or in simple terms cancer causing.

Health risks involved

Research has been carried out and it says that microwave ovens weaken an individual’s immune system and as mentioned above, can cause cancer. The food quality also gets degenerated. In some people there can be an increase in blood sugar levels. Read about it here..

The following are the Health Risks Of Using Microwave Ovens,

1) Insomnia

Microwaved food can cause a lot of damage to the brain. It can affect your sleep pattern and lead to insomnia. This is a very common health problem of the modern age.

2) Cancer

Non-iodising radiation produced by microwave ovens is cancer causing. And there can be nothing more deadly than that.

The other main issue is that the food cooked or reheated in the microwave loses its nutrients and this means the real nutrients of the food are not reaching you! So, there is no point in painstakingly cooking a meal.

You can still use microwave ovens…

Health Risks Of Using Microwave Ovens

This article by no means says that you should not use a microwave. All you need to is to use it correctly. Use it when it is in the right condition and cook/reheat food in a microwave-safe utensil. Here’s what all you need to follow:

  • Don’t use the microwave to heat or cook foods meant for children.
  • Cook veggies in a microwave instead of heating snacks and processed meats.
  • Don’t heat water or any other liquid in a microwave.

So, limit the use and try hard to use it right!

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