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Here’s How to Achieve a Wholesome and Eco-friendly Halloween

For individuals embracing a sustainable lifestyle, Halloween can pose a unique challenge. The holiday often contributes to environmental pollution, but you can break this cycle this year. You can indulge in the Halloween festivities without harming the environment by following these guidelines for a wholesome and eco-friendly Halloween.

1. Create Homemade Treats

While snacking on candy is a Halloween tradition, it’s not the healthiest choice. Consuming a diet high in sugar can significantly increase your risk of cancer by 60–95%. This year, consider opting for homemade treats over store-bought candy for a healthier option.

Delicious desserts such as sugar-free caramel apples, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin spice granola bars not only benefit your health but also the environment. By avoiding plastic-wrapped single-use candies, you help reduce plastic waste in landfills, contributing to a more sustainable Halloween.

2. Craft Your Halloween Outfits

While browsing online for Halloween costumes can be entertaining, consider using them as inspiration rather than a shopping list. Online purchases often result in the use of fossil fuels for transportation, leading to increased carbon dioxide emissions and various global warming effects, such as rising temperatures and sea levels.

  • Rising temperatures
  • Ocean water acidification
  • Increasing sea levels
  • Extreme weather occurrences

You can easily recreate your desired costumes using a sewing machine. Take the time to gather the fabric and materials and either put together the outfit yourself during a free afternoon or enlist a local tailor for a custom creation.

3. Opt for All-Natural Face Paint

Face paint is essential for transforming into characters like clowns or the Wicked Witch of the West on Halloween. Before purchasing face paint from costume shops, consider the environmental impact. Traditional face paints, while safe for your skin, can introduce non-biodegradable chemicals into the water system when washed off.

You can create eco-friendly face paint using natural ingredients. Explore recipes for the colors you need and allocate preparation time in your Halloween schedule.

4. Explore Your Neighborhood on Foot

While it may be convenient to drive around neighborhoods on Halloween, opt for walking between houses to reduce your carbon footprint. By avoiding additional carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, you contribute to a cleaner environment. If feasible with your costume, consider biking between houses as well.

5. Recycle Your Pumpkins

Acquiring pumpkins from local farmers is a yearly tradition for many families. After carving them into spooky decorations, utilize the insides for delicious treats like toasted pumpkin seeds and desserts.

Once Halloween is over and the pumpkins start to decay, add them to your compost bin. Although biodegradable, it’s beneficial to scoop out the seeds and cut the pumpkins into chunks to expedite the composting process.

6. Donate Excess Supplies

Consider donating any remaining household or garden items in November if you seek new decorations for each Halloween. By donating, you provide others with the opportunity to find reusable seasonal items in thrift stores, reducing the strain on local landfills.

If your family’s costumes are in good condition, consider donating them to thrift stores rather than discarding them. Single-use costumes contribute to environmental waste but can be repurposed if donated and shared with families in need. Thrift stores will ensure your costumes find new homes for other festive occasions throughout the year.

Embrace a Wholesome and Earth-friendly Halloween

With the implementation of these tips, anyone can enjoy a healthy and sustainable Halloween this year. By prioritizing nutritious treats, minimizing environmental impact, and responsibly managing post-Halloween cleanup, you can plan an eco-friendly holiday that everyone will appreciate.

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