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How to Clear Out a Stuffed Nose

Credit: Unsplash
Nothing like a sniffer full of boogers to ruin your day.

I have a naturally gunky nose, and it’s always been kind of a pain to live with. Even when I’m not outright sick, there were always lots of boogers in there growing up, and I’m talking the sturdy-sticking kind that blowing your nose won’t get rid of. Drove my dad crazy when I would sniffle in the car. Still, booger production is a normal part of a functioning body, so I guess that’s a sign my nose is healthy-ish. If you have problems with perpetually stuffed noses, here’s a few tricks you can use to clear it out (aside from digging for gold, of course).

An increase in snot and boogers can be caused by dry, swollen sinuses. That’s why your nose leaks when you have a cold; your sinuses are all puffed up and hot due to viral irritation. To soothe inflamed sinuses, breathe in warm, humid air. The best source of this is a simple shower, which should get your nasal passages flowing a little more cleanly. If it’s a consistent problem, consider investing in a humidifier to keep the mist flowing.

Credit: Unsplash

Speaking of water, you may experience nasal congestion if you’re dehydrated. Boogers and snot have a high water content, but if your body’s low on water, they get all dried up and clumped together, and it becomes hard to expel them easily. Make sure you drink enough water during the day to keep your nose working the way it’s supposed to. If you’re still dried out, try a simple nasal saline solution. These things will give you nose some extra moisture, as well as help to thin out any stubborn gunk.

Remember, your body is supposed to produce boogers. It’s how your nose prevents dirt and crud from getting into your lungs. It’s when it produces too many boogers that you might need to consider an alteration in your lifestyle.

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