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How to Manage Office Pressure

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Coping with stress before it completely drains you.

The overbearing manager, malfunctioning copiers, bothersome colleagues, unclean office facilities, and other factors contribute to the root causes of work pressure. We were probably taught in school about the necessity of stress for survival. It motivates us to persevere or flee. However, excessive stress can have adverse effects on your mental and physical well-being. Emotional pressure can weaken the immune system and lead to various health issues such as hypertension, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases. So, what are some strategies to help manage office pressure?

Although there are no magical solutions to alleviate stress (at least legally or over-the-counter), there are several actions you can take to mitigate it.

  • Keep a small diary or journal handy for a few weeks and jot down all the individuals and situations that cause you stress. After identifying the primary sources of stress, brainstorm ways to address them.
  • Ensure that your responses are constructive. For instance, if a device is broken, communicate with your supervisor or reach out to HR. If it involves a colleague, have a conversation with them and express your feelings.
  • Similar to personal life, there should be boundaries in the workplace. Clearly communicate your boundaries to your coworkers.
  • Allocate some time during the day to relax or take a brief stroll. Stand up and get your blood circulating. This not only revitalizes you but also provides instant relief.
  • If all else fails, speak to your supervisor or seek assistance through company resources or counseling.

Experiencing your world crumble due to individuals, situations, or events that create a stressful atmosphere can be devastating. Remember that there are proactive and healthy steps you can take.

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