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How to Unclog a Congested Nose

Credit: Unsplash
Nothing ruins your day like a nose filled with mucus.

My nose tends to be congested, and it has always been somewhat bothersome to deal with. Even when I’m not sick, there are often numerous mucus in there, and I’m referring to the sticky type that blowing your nose doesn’t eliminate. It used to irritate my father when I would sniff in the car. Nevertheless, the production of mucus is a natural aspect of a healthy body, so I suppose that’s an indication that my nose is somewhat healthy. If you face challenges with always having a stuffy nose, here are some techniques you can employ to unblock it (beyond searching for treasures, naturally).

An increase in mucus and boogers can be due to dry, inflamed sinuses. This is why your nose drips when you have a cold; your sinuses are all swollen and warm because of viral irritation. To alleviate inflamed sinuses, inhale warm, moist air. The easiest way to obtain this is through a simple shower, which should help clear your nasal passages a bit more effectively. If it’s a persistent issue, consider purchasing a humidifier to maintain a steady flow of mist.

Credit: Unsplash

On the subject of hydration, nasal congestion can occur if you are dehydrated. Mucus and snot contain a significant amount of water, but if your body is lacking water, they become dried out and clumped together, making it difficult to expel them. Ensure you drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day to keep your nose functioning properly. If you still feel dehydrated, try a basic nasal saline solution. These remedies will provide your nose with additional moisture and assist in thinning out any stubborn mucus.

Keep in mind, your body is meant to generate mucus. It’s how your nose prevents dirt and debris from entering your lungs. It’s when it produces an excess of mucus that you may need to contemplate making changes to your lifestyle.

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