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Important Tips & Considerations For Your Health

If you are like many dog owners, you would definitely love to join your four-legged pal on a run to keep them fit – and yourself too. But it is not unusual to think about certain challenges when you run with your dog.

What if your pooch pulls you off balance? What if they veer onto the road chasing a cat, or end up biting someone in the process? What if they’re not interested in running in the first place?

These are just a few of the many questions a cautious dog owner might have in their heads, but worry not. Below are some helpful tips and considerations for health and safety before you lace up your sneakers and leash up your furry BFF.

Don’t Rush It

It is also incredibly important to ensure you and your dog are in good health and physical shape before you start taking runs together. And even if you’ve been keeping your pooch healthy, this means starting slow, watching the speed and distance covered in each running session.

Fatigue can be a great snarl-up to the entire activity, regardless of who succumbs first between you and your canine pal. It is also advisable to exercise regularly together, so you and your dog are physically fit for occasional runs.

Use A Hands-Free Leash For Your Pooch

Running with a canine friend also means being responsible, seeing to it that they maintain their best behavior while at it. Just like dog-walking, keeping your dog leashed can prevent them from veering off or attacking someone, which could leave you with legal cases to deal with.

But holding a dog leash when running can present several challenges in navigation, comfort, and everything in between. This is all the more reason to equip yourself with the best hands-free dog leash before you hit the tracks with your favorite tyke.

Rather than holding the leash throughout the run, you can just clip it into your belt and you and your canine companion are good to go.


Consider Both Parties When Planning The Route

The real trick to running with your dog is making sure you get what you both want in terms of a workout and mental space. And this has to reflect in route planning.

To make sure you don’t push yourself or your dog too hard, it’s best to choose a route that both of you can comfortably handle. This could mean doing the following:

  • Properly train your dog beforehand.
  • If you want to get your dog to run on the leash but he’s too tired to do it, it may be better to give him some time to recuperate at home.
  • If your dog is ready to run but you’re not, you can take him out for an extra-long walk instead.

Keep You And Your Dog Hydrated

As you exercise, it’s important to drink enough water so you don’t become dehydrated. The same case applies to your lovely pooch. Keeping hydrated can ensure that both of you stay strong and energetic throughout the run.

When running with your pooch, you can quench his thirst by holding water in your hands and letting him drink from your palms. You can even invest in a water bottle for both of you to drink from, depending on how strong your bond is, and whether or not he or she is in good health overall.

Talk To Each Other

You got that right; dogs are still among the most intelligent animals on the planet, especially when it comes to their relations and communications with humans.

Talking to your dog while you run helps build trust between you and your furry pal. And trust can only grow when you and your dog talk to each other about your goal and what you need to do to get there.

So, before you hit the pavement together, try to think about your plan and ask your pooch what they would want to do on the run.

Summing it up, you can definitely get some exercise and fun from your run with your dog. But you’re the “bigger person” here, so most of the responsibility will belong to you. Thankfully, the above few tips can help your plan accordingly and smoother out the seemingly daunting activity.

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