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In Search of Your Post-Pandemic Comfort Threshold

Credit: Unsplash
If you feel uneasy, you can remain vigilant.

Despite being fully immunized for more than a month, I still choose to wear my mask and strive to maintain some level of social distance when I’m outside. I acknowledge that at this point, I likely could forgo wearing a mask altogether. I do not reside with individuals who are unvaccinated or at risk, so even if I were to come in contact with viral particles from an unvaccinated individual, the chances of transmitting them to someone vulnerable are exceedingly low. Nevertheless, I opt to continue wearing the mask because it’s what I’m at ease with.

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The past year has been a trial for everyone, to varying degrees. People can be witnessed throwing fits about having to wear a face covering in public, while others have been more than willing to adhere to masking protocols for as long as necessary. Whatever level of comfort you personally adhere to, I suggest embracing it, as long as you are aware of certain considerations and potential risks.

First and foremost, if you have not received the vaccine, it is imperative that you continue to wear your mask. Let’s not forget, the primary reason for wearing these masks in the first place was to prevent the spread of the virus and avoid casualties. Even if those around you are unmasking, there may still be infectious particles in the air. Until you are fully vaccinated, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution.

Credit: Unsplash

Additionally, if you live with elderly individuals or those with weakened immune systems, it is crucial to be more mindful about wearing masks. Even if you are vaccinated, it is not wise to risk becoming a carrier of the virus. If they are also vaccinated, the risk is lessened.

Lastly, your opinions on the current state of the pandemic are your own. If others wish to continue wearing masks for whatever reason, that is their prerogative, not yours. Avoid behaving like those intolerant individuals on social media who berate others for their masking choices.

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