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Include More Capsicums In Your Diet

Credit: Old Farmer’s Almanac
Aside from nutrients, capsicums are filled with hydration!

Capsicums are one of the adversaries of children and finicky eaters. They’re zesty, somewhat pungent, and their consistency requires some acclimating to. I have no embarrassment in confessing that I completely rejected consuming capsicums until quite recently. However, as is frequently the situation with finicky eater targets, capsicums are brimming with indispensable nutrients no balanced diet should lack. Not only that, though, they possess a hidden trait that makes them particularly advantageous in the warmer months.

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You might not be aware of this (I certainly wasn’t), but capsicums are actually made up of 92 percent water. That’s the same water proportion as watermelon, often regarded as the supreme hydrating fruit. Not only that, but capsicums contain a third of the sugar per-serving that a watermelon does, which means they’re genuinely a healthier option if you need some quick hydration. Obviously, water-rich produce isn’t a replacement for consuming real water, but if you couple regular water intake with heightened consumption of capsicums, you get much nearer to your daily recommended water intake.

Credit: Healthline

It’s rather amusing, actually; capsicums surpass many renowned fruits and vegetables in their nutritional specialties. For instance, vitamin C. The undisputed ruler of vitamin C is oranges, correct? Incorrect. A single cup of sliced green capsicum delivers more vitamin C than an entire average orange. They’re also rich in potassium, vitamin A, and numerous other nutrients that generally make them fantastic for supporting the immune system. Talking about potassium, in fact, with their high water and potassium content, capsicums make for a fantastic post-exercise snack for reestablishing electrolytes. Water keeps you hydrated while potassium maintains your sodium levels balanced.

So as polarizing as capsicums may be, you can’t dispute with the science: they’re an absolute boon. Don’t push them aside from your plate, regardless of how much you may want to.

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