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Increase Your Inner Thigh Strength With This 15-Minute Workout

It’s cool how your muscles work together to help you move, right? When you work on strengthening one group, your body benefits as a whole. So, if you find this phenomenon as interesting as I do, you’ll love this 15-minute episode of Good Moves with Pilates instructor Chloe de Winter that aims to strengthen your core, glutes, and even legs by working your inner thighs.

Your inner thighs, known as hip abductors, are used to rotate your thighs or, say, crush a watermelon (though that’s not a feature of this episode). Opening and closing your hips is essential for so many different exercises and everyday movements. The moves that De Winter takes you through can help you grow stronger over time if you incorporate them into your routine.

For this workout, De Winter recommends you grab a magic circle workout ring, a small exercise ball, or even a rolled-up towel (anything around 5 inches in diameter to hold between your thighs for some of her moves). De Winter has you start by laying on your back and lifting your pelvis in the air to create a bridge. You spend a lot of this inner thigh workout pressing your pelvis up and bringing it back down.

Throughout these moves, you should control your breathing and squeeze your core. Then she slowly turns up the heat on this position by having you move faster, holding the bridge, and squeezing your thighs and glutes. Eventually, you move into leg lifts and squats while squeezing that ball or towel between your thighs.

Interested in a character-building, thigh engaging workout to make you feel like you could crush a watermelon with your thighs? Grab a mat, a comfy outfit, and something like a towel or exercise ball to squeeze between your legs for an added challenge.

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