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Indulge in a Cocktail Without Disrupting Your Diet

Credit: Priscila Zambotto/Getty Images
Similar to imbibing in general, you simply need to be accountable about it.

I’m not particularly fond of alcohol. I have no ethical dilemmas; I simply don’t enjoy the taste of most beers and cocktails. Ciders are appealing though… regardless, consuming a moderate-sized drink occasionally is completely reasonable, especially given the current state of the world. However, it’s essential to remember that similar to any other food or beverage, alcoholic drinks can impact your health, and I’m not referring to the alcohol itself. Cocktail syrups contain the same type of chemicals found in juices and soft drinks. Remember, just because it’s a “fun” drink doesn’t mean it’s calorie-free.

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The crucial aspect of monitoring your alcohol intake, aside from the obvious reasons, is that each drink can contain a surprisingly high number of calories. Even a single shot of hard liquor can provide over a hundred calories, not to mention a large beer mug, which, as The Arrogant Worms humorously pointed out, is essentially “liquid bread.” If you plan on consuming more than one drink, finish the entire beverage before refilling. This way, you can accurately track the number of drinks you’ve had, along with the associated calories (assuming you’re still coherent).

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While there isn’t a “healthy” alcoholic beverage, there are preferable choices. For instance, opt for a sangria filled with fruit or a blended daiquiri instead of a pina colada. You get the fun of alcohol, plus some additional vitamins and minerals. However, don’t assume that choosing the healthier option grants you unlimited indulgence. If you have to choose between an unhealthy drink and a platter of “healthy” drinks, you’d likely be better off with the indulgent choice, in terms of balance.

Above all, remember to have a glass of water within reach. Staying hydrated between drinks, in addition to counteracting alcohol’s dehydrating effects, will help you pace yourself. Besides, some beverages taste better on the rocks.

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