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Initial Steps to Take Following a Bicycle Crash

Vehicle accidents are frequent and typically involve other automobiles. However, it is not uncommon for cyclists to be engaged in such incidents. The consequences of accidents can be even more severe for bicycle riders as they lack the protection that vehicle occupants have. Hence, being familiar with post-accident procedures and the necessary actions to take is crucial. Here are a few tasks you should carry out after a bicycle accident.

1. Notify Law Enforcement 

If you are conscious following the crash, the first step is to immediately contact the police. The police report provides an unbiased account of the incident, and the information gathered at the scene is vital for accident reconstruction. By examining the findings, it becomes possible to determine liability. A police report is essential for insurance claims as it can support your version of events.

Not only does it bolster your stance during insurance negotiations, but it also serves as a crucial piece of evidence if the matter escalates to court. Moreover, police officers will ensure that witnesses and the driver provide accurate and detailed information about the accident.

2. Seek Legal Counsel

Bicycle accidents are quite prevalent, particularly on bustling California roads. One of the most significant oversights made by many individuals is failing to seek legal representation promptly after the accident. Sometimes, even law enforcement may lack comprehensive knowledge of the legal statutes concerning cyclists, leading to misinterpretations of the law.

As such, consulting with a lawyer specializing in bicycle accidents in your locality is crucial. Contacting a seasoned attorney in California, such as a Bakersfield injury lawyer, can help ensure that your interests are safeguarded. Additionally, your attorney will work to protect all your rights and secure the compensation you are entitled to.

3. Refrain From Making Admissions 

Exercise caution when discussing the accident specifics with a police officer. It is imperative never to admit fault. Even when providing your statement, ensure your lawyer is present. Engaging the services of an injury attorney within your locality is crucial due to variations in legal provisions based on the area. This step is critical as misunderstandings may lead you to feel culpable for the accident. Cyclists unfamiliar with their road rights often find themselves in such predicaments, erroneously assuming their actions caused the incidents, when, in reality, they acted lawfully.

4. Exchange Details With the Motorist 

If you are part of a collision involving a motor vehicle, even if it appears minor, exchange information with the driver. Information to collect includes the name, phone number, auto insurance company, address, policy number, license plate number, driver’s license number, vehicle model, and the vehicle owner’s details (if the car is not owned by the driver). This step is vital since numerous individuals overlook it.

Many cyclists may swiftly leave the scene after an accident, relieved that they are unharmed, but this action should be avoided. The heightened levels of adrenaline can mask various injuries, such as fractures, brain trauma, and other significant ailments, leading them to go unnoticed. Fleeing without gathering information hampers your ability to claim compensation for sustained injuries.

5. Obtain Medical Aid 

It is imperative to seek medical assistance immediately after the accident or as soon as discomfort is experienced. As mentioned earlier, your body undergoes initial shock, making the delayed repercussions of severe injuries difficult to discern. Furthermore, medical reports serve as critical evidence for future claims. Eschewing medical treatment complicates any future claims you may wish to make.

6. Await Resolution from the Vehicle Insurer 

Once the motor vehicle insurance company establishes the driver’s liability, they will strive to settle your case promptly. They may propose covering medical expenses or bike repair costs. Their eagerness to provide immediate monetary assistance, without consideration for potential complications, underscores the need for patience. It is prudent to await comprehensive injury assessments and concrete financial evaluations related to medical care.

Bicycle accidents can pose greater risks compared to traditional car accidents due to the vulnerability of cyclists compared to drivers enclosed within vehicles. Understanding your rights before hitting the road on your bike is crucial, and we trust this article sheds light on key considerations following a bicycle accident.


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