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Intermittent Fasting – Embracing the Challenge: Day 13

Image Source: Scientific American

It has been nearly a fortnight since I embarked on a lifestyle modification that I hope will endure in the long run.

Ever since the onset of January, I have committed myself to regulating my food consumption based on the time of day rather than the variety of food. Starting from midnight until three in the afternoon the following day, I have limited myself solely to water or coffee. Despite encountering some daunting challenges after the initial three days, my determination faltered, compelling me to adapt my approach.

To be entirely candid, fasting until three in the afternoon proved to be less arduous than I had anticipated. Previously, my breakfast would consist of a banana or nothing at all, and I would wait until lunch for my primary meal. Engaging myself in work helped me sail through lunchtime without significant struggles. More significantly, by the time the day drew to a close, my hunger pangs were more pronounced than ever. I found greater satisfaction in my meals, and an unexpected byproduct was that I no longer required large portions to feel satiated.

It wasn’t until the fourth day that I grasped the challenges of adhering to this regimen when my entire family was at home. Coordinating my new dietary routine with a three-year-old and an infant during weekends was an implausible feat. Moreover, my wife and I place a strong emphasis on family meals and social graces, making communal dining an essential practice, thereby complicating matters. Hence, without the luxury of contemplation, I adjusted my fasting schedule to cover only weekdays.

Approaching the two-week mark since commencing intermittent fasting solely on weekdays, I now sense the hunger pangs intensifying in the mornings, with my stomach yearning for sustenance that is absent. Nonetheless, this signifies a positive development as it indicates my body is expending the surplus fat and calories. To date, I have shed two pounds. Keep an eye out for further developments.

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