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Is it Secure to Return to the Fitness Center Yet?

Credit: Unsplash
Affirmative, but also negative.

I’ve always preferred working out alone, so the closure of public fitness centers over the previous year hasn’t really affected me. However, I understand that gyms play a crucial role for many individuals. They usually offer superior quality equipment and the potential for social interaction that can be motivating. With the increase in vaccinations and the relaxation of restrictions by state authorities, gyms are gradually reopening. You may be pondering whether it’s advisable to resume your gym visits. But, using the term “safe” may not entirely fit here.

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The primary concern regarding gyms and the coronavirus is the oral transmission of the virus through droplets that are exhaled into the air. And where do you find a lot of heavy breathing? That’s right, in a gym. Everyone, including yourself, is exhaling deeply, turning any gym into a potential hotspot for infections. Wearing a face mask is an obvious solution, although it may hinder your ability to take deep breaths during workouts, and the moisture from heavy breathing can reduce its effectiveness.

Credit: Unsplash

If you decide to return to the gym, it will require careful planning on both your part and the gym’s. Instead of casually entering and starting your workout, stick to a strict schedule. Consider arranging a workout session with a close-knit group if you prefer a social environment. This way, you can easily monitor the individuals coming and going. Opt for a spacious, well-ventilated area and maintain a significant distance from others to reduce the risk of heavy breathing and potential transmission.

Realistically, it’s still not the ideal time to use public fitness centers. If possible, it’s better to continue working out at home. However, if you struggle to maintain motivation at home, the gym can be an option, provided that you prioritize safety measures.

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