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    It’s Time to Hydrate Your Body

    Credits: Medical News Today

    Just Take the Plunge.

    The presence of water is abundant, from tiny droplets to vast oceans, reminding us that our planet consists of 71 percent water while our bodies are comprised of approximately 60 percent of this essential substance. Perhaps due to its common occurrence in our daily lives and the pervasive nature of this marvelous liquid, we often overlook the necessity to consume an adequate amount of it every day. Hence, increase your water intake.

    Our bodies contain around 60 percent water content, with an astounding 90 percent of it being present in our blood. Consider the sludgy and undesirable state our blood would be in without sufficient hydration. Dehydration leads to thickening of the blood, hindering its smooth flow through our veins, potentially resulting in fatal consequences. Although it may sound slightly exaggerated, the essence of this statement is true.

    Hydration is not only crucial for maintaining proper blood circulation to avoid the risks of vein congestion but also plays a vital role in supporting various organs and physiological functions. Water aids in the transportation of toxins through the liver and kidneys for elimination. It contributes to maintaining healthy and well-hydrated skin, preventing conditions such as wrinkles that are often associated with dehydrated skin. Furthermore, substituting sugary beverages like soda with water can contribute to weight management.

    While the general recommendation is to consume at least eight glasses of water daily, the definition of a standard “glass” varies. In reality, there is no fixed requirement for the optimal daily water intake. It is essential to understand when you have consumed enough water. Your body will signal when it has reached its hydration limit. For instance, when you feel uncomfortable or your internal alarm signals “enough water,” it is time to pause.

    On a serious note, prioritize increasing your water consumption.


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