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Know About Different Types Of Swimming And Their Fitness Benefits

Swimming is one the most refreshing exercise anyone who loves water can do. Those who are sacred of water or don’t know how to swim are missing a lot ?

Its an aerobic and very intense cardio muscular activity which burns calories at a very rapid pace. There are numerous benefits of this exercise, nervous health and good circulatory system being just one of the many. There are so many styles of swimming but let’s see Top 10 Swimming Types And Their Fitness Benefits

1. Freestyle

Free style as the name suggests is a free form of swimming anyone can chose any style they like and just swim. The most common style in these is the front crawl and very easy to learn especially for starters in swimming who need to adjust. It can burn up to 700 calories with a medium pace.

2. Backstroke

The name as it says is like lying down on your back and swimming. It works out your shoulders, arms, thighs, lower back very well. It can burn up to 500 calories.

3. Breaststroke

Here one uses his chest and without moving his lower body. One can burn up to 800 calories in an hour with this one and an extremely intense workout for your upper body completely with triceps, shoulders, chest, arms and legs a bit.

4. Butterfly

Here it is used with moving your hands simultaneously back and forward. It gives a great pace and workouts in flexibility and strengthening your arms, chest and abdomen. It is said to be the most difficult burning up to 900 calories.

5. Dog Paddle

It is just like how dogs swim and you paddle your arms and legs in an alternative stroke with your head and chest up. It’s a relaxing stroke and does not burn more than 200 to 300 calories even at the fastest pace.

6. Sidestroke

It is a long distance pose which is relies on either sides of your body at a time. This is also very relaxing and can be used as a anesthesia. There will be no stress on your knees, back or legs.

7. Streamline

This is the most used starter of any race as it gives a good jump start to you and needs intense stretching of legs and upper body. It gives lower resistance thus gliding smoothly under water as it’s done underwater.

8. Flutter Kick

It is a simple stroke than breast stroke and a combination with dolphin kick. It gives lot of strain on your thigh muscles and can lead to injuries and should not be done at a vigorous pace.

9. Trudgen Crawl

It’s like front crawl but with scissor kick instead of flutter kick. It works out your back and straightens it, it makes your calves stronger.

10. Underwater Swimming

This is perhaps the most frightening of all but can really help in lung capacity and nerves. It should be done only if you are good at basic swimming and can keep yourself from drowning. This is mostly done using trudgen crawl.

Now that we see how many types you have, now get the reaping and refreshing benefits of swimming… Have a great summer ?

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